has someone written a fic with Dean being fucked while someone pulls his longer s10 hair yet??? asking for a friend

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Teenage Dean sitting on the closed toilet lid in a hotel bathroom to get some space that isn’t taken up by John and Sam and hunting and the memory of Mary, and learning that he can stay behind that locked door longer if he acts like he’s in there to masturbate.



Freedom is a length of rope and God wants you to tie the knot with Dean Winchester

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demon!Dean at the bar (Sfx Magazine 10-2014 x

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I don’t think you understand. That look of non-reaction when he says Dean’s name? That’s because he’s used to hearing Dean pray to him; he thinks Dean is praying to him right now. And that’s what Cas says when Dean prays to him every night. “Dean.”

Dean might say mean I love you when he says “I need you,” but Cas says “I love you”, when he says “Dean.”

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Anonymous asked: do you ever just think how its canon that dean loves a man in uniform. police, military, anything. how much he must tease himself thinking about a man in a uniform pulling on his hair, dropping to his knees and sucking them off. loving the weight of them in his mouth, the taste. moaning when they push him down further on their cock and sighing against their mouth when they pull him up to taste themselves on his spit slick red lips n-n





oh my goshhhh anon you’ve discovered one of my favorite kinks ahhhhh (gold star!)

fuck but uGHHH it’s so canon. the way he checked out that sexy man in uniform like he was absolutely dying to climb him like a tree

this is so beautiful 

I mean, let’s be honest, the suit and trench is basically Cas’s uniform…

It doesn’t QUITE come with a uniform, but how about the angels referring to Cas as “Commander”? Connotations, man, don’t tell me that didn’t stir up some interest in Dean.

i wrote a thing like that once…. *winks*


“The hell is wrong with this thing?” Dean asked angrily.  He squinted down at the ancient looking fax machine which was beeping pitifully.  He couldn’t see the papers he had inserted into the feeder tray and he could only assume that they were jammed inside of the silly old contraption.  He let out an exasperated sigh.  It was his second day on the job and he was fucking shit up massively already.  

“Fuckin’ fax machine.  Who the hell uses fax machines anyway…what is this, the 1980’s?” he muttered below his breath.  He was suddenly aware of someone standing next to him.  When he turned to his right, he flushed.  It was the Office Manager, Castiel.  He was staring at him, a mixture of curiosity and amusement plain on his face.  He watched as Castiel breached his personal space and reached forward, fiddling with the machine.  

“I’ve found that…giving it a gentle tap helps,” he murmured in his strange, gravelly voice.

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Angel pillow for SarahFu.

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I found it! Castiel drawn in scribbles. Except it needs to be like five feet tall.

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